Add endorsements, videos, images and referrals to your player page

To add endorsements, videos, images, referrals and more to your player page follow these five steps:

Step 1 - Go to your player/staff page
Type in your name in the “Search players, teams and leagues” search bar on your home screen.


Step 2 - Enter edit mode
Click the “ENTER EDIT MODE” button on your player profile. You will be redirected to the “PROFILE EDIT MODE” page.


Step 3 - Insert desired information
Enter any personal information such as endorsements, referrals, education, injury records, fitness results etc. Upload game footage in the form of videos and pictures.


Step 4 - Save changes
Once you have made your desired changes, save these changes in order for them to appear on your player profile.


Step 5 - Exit edit mode
Once your changes have been saved, click the “EXIT EDIT MODE” button in the top left corner of the page.