Premium benefits for media/hockey fans

All Premium features that benefit media and/or fans

EP Premium includes benefits for professionals in the media industry as well as passionate hockey fans.


Compare Player Tool

With the compare player tool you have the opportunity to compare two individual players of your liking. The compare player tool can be accessed by clicking the “Compare Players” option at the top of your home screen. To compare two players, just type in the desired player 1 in the left column and the desired player 2 in the right column. Then, click compare players.


Player Tracker
With player tracker, you can monitor your favorite player’s performances and development on a game to game basis. All your bookmarked players are automatically imported to the player tracker. Player tracker can be accessed by clicking the “Player Tacker” option at the top of your home screen.


Advanced Search/Stats Filters
Search current and former hockey players from all around the world with advanced filters. The advanced search filter allows you to search for players based on their nation, position, gender,  birth year, international experience and many other options. 


Game Logs
Individual game logs can be accessed with an EP Premium subscription. Check out an individual players game performances on a game to game basis. We track G, A, TP, PIM, +/-, SOG, PPG, SHG and TOI.


Free Agency Information
Choose your desired league and find all available free agents. Free agency lists can be accessed by clicking the “Free Agents” option at the top of your home screen.


Transaction Notifications
Always stay up to date when it comes to player transfers. By enabling the transaction notification of Elite Prospects, you will get an instant notifications on your phone, when a player of your chosen league or team will get transferred to a different team. 
Transaction notifications can be adjusted in the profile settings. 


Player Agency Information
Get information on over 300 player agencies in out database. Sort player agencies according to nationalities and find out what players are represented by which agent.


My Line-up
With "My Line-up" you can generate your preferred line-up with the players on your personal roster. In order to create your line-up, just drag the desired players in the line combinations of your liking. “My Line-up” is accessible via the “Show More” option at the top of your home screen. This feature works together with the “My Roster” feature.


No Ads or Banners
Premium users have the benefit of enjoying an ad-free browsing experience on Elite Prospects. An ad-free experience not only provides smoother navigation on our website, it also ensures faster browsing.


EP Rinkside Access
Get access to all locked and unlocked articles on EP Rinkside. EP Rinkside is the editorial website and scouting outlet of Elite Prospects. You will find unique articles, interviews, draft rankings and much more from respected writers and scouts. EP Rinkside access includes the annual Draft Guide and Fantasy Guide.


Export profile to PDF/Excel

With Premium access, all of our player and staff profiles can be downloaded as a PDF-file or Excel-file.
For instructions on PDF downloads click HERE.
For instructions on Excel downloads click HERE