What is the difference between a Blue and Gold profile verification?

The blue profile verification is free and gives players the option to make limited changes to their profile. The gold profile verification is included with EP Premium and gives players the opportunity to make any desired changes to their profile.

Blue Profile Verification:

Players can verify their profile for free and make limited changes to their Elite Prospects page such as:

  • Upload images
  • Showcase their preferred equipment
  • Add their educational journey
  • Answer a Q&A about themselves 


Gold Profile Verification

Gold Profile Verification is included with EP Premium, providing players with access to a comprehensive set of profile features, including:

  • Updating statistics and facts
  • Profile analytics
  • Inclusion in the EP Contact book
  • Enhanced search rank
  • Uploading profile pictures
  • Uploading videos and highlight reels
  • Adding images, photos, and attachments
  • Uploading fitness testing results