What Proof is Required for Updating Player Stats?

Information about what kind of details and sources are required to update player statistics.

For us to update player stats some kind of official source/proof would be required. Especially if our current stats differ from the ones you consider correct. One of the following would have to be provided to us:
  • A URL to a league or team website where the stats are listed
  • Photo scan/copy of stats if only available in printed format
  • Attached stats document (in any format) provided to us by the team/coach/manager

So, before requesting us to update stats, it is recommended that you prepare for one of the above types of proof.

What if the league website has incorrect stats?
You would need to contact your team/league and have them update their official stats for us to also change our numbers.

We do not accept these types of "proof":

  • Stats tracking by players/parents
  • Video proof of play (official/documented stats required)