Premium Benefits for Players/Staff

All Premium features that benefit players and/or staff

EP Premium is a very powerful tool for active hockey players. With EP Premium players have the possibility to claim their profile and make desired changes to it. 


Update profile
With EP Premium players and staff members can make adjustments to their "Player Facts" / "Staff Facts" section on their profile and can make changes to information such as height, weight, age, date of birth etc.


Update profile picture
Players and staff members can add or change their profile pictures with EP Premium. 


Update statistics
With an EP Premium subscription players and staff members can request to change their statistics.


Boost profile
A major advantage of having an EP Premium subscription is players and staff members can boost their profiles by uploading videos, pictures and referrals. In addition, players can upload their fitness results and add information about their education.


Verify your profile
Players can verify their profile with a blue checkmark. Given that players have the opportunity to update their information and stats; the verified profile assures scouts, general managers and other recruiters that all of the players information is accurate and up to date.


Networking opportunities
With an EP Premium subscription players and staff members have the opportunity to contact coaches and other players who also have a premium subscription. Players may also be contacted by coaches and other players. All available contacts can be accessed through the "EP Contact Book".


Player Agency Information
Get information on any player agency in our database. Sort player agencies according to nationalities and find out which players are represented by which agency.


Premium support
If players/staff members have any questions or concerns, they can reach out to our support team and we will assist you within 24 hours.